The new 2014 Citroen Jumper


The CITROËN Jumper, a true sales success with nearly 800,000 units sold since launch, has been renewed to enter into a new era.

The redesign of the new model harnesses the finest in CITROËN expertise. That same expertise informs one of the broadest light commercial vehicle ranges on the market, comprising four complementary and distinct vehicles: Nemo, Berlingo, Jumpy and Jumper.

The new CITROËN Jumper is fully integrated in the range with:
– resolutely modern design focused on practicality in use. The front end conveys vitality and robustness through new headlamps featuring LED daytime running lights, a sharply styled bonnet and protective bumper. The styling of the new CITROËN Jumper is in touch with its times and based on the Brand identity. But above all, the upgraded architecture and ergonomics make the vehicle easier to use. Loading is a cinch thanks to one of the best load volume/exterior dimensions ratios in the class. The new CITROËN Jumper leads the category on load width between the wheel arches, at 1.42 m, and useful width of 1.87 m.
– class-leading comfort. The driving position has been optimised with seats with variable damping control, armrests and lumbar adjustment, while in-cabin practicality is underscored by a dashboard-mounted gear lever and an extendable writing tablet. The new CITROËN Jumper is also strong on connectivity with the Connecting Box, including a Bluetooth hands-free kit and a USB socket, as well as a first-in-segment 5-inch colour touchscreen for displaying the new navigation and reversing camera functions.
– safety-enhancing technologies. For more peace of mind day to day, the new CITROËN Jumper is available with Intelligent Traction Control, Hill Descent Control, programmable speed limiter/cruise control, the Lane Departure Warning System, and a tyre pressure monitoring function.
– robust quality and controlled running costs. The new CITROËN Jumper was test driven over a distance of more than four million kilometres to ensure even greater reliability. Running costs have also been reduced, with a 15% reduction in fuel consumption on the previous generation for certain models. The e-HDi 130 and e-HDi 50 versions are fitted with the Stop&Start system, cutting fuel consumption by 0.5 l/100 km in urban driving.
These qualities feature on all the versions of the new CITROËN Jumper, from the panel van to the combi, to meet the diverse needs of professionals.
Thoroughly upgraded design The new CITROËN Jumper has been significantly upgraded, with a resolutely modern exterior design bringing the vehicle firmly into the current era while maintaining all its practicality in use for motorists.
The new model immediately conveys a sense of vitality and robustness, notably through its new powerful and protective bumper, new sharply-drawn front wings and new bonnet.
The front end also features the new brand identity with the new chevron design, a new grille and a new, extended front light signature lending a more robust appearance.
The new CITROËN Jumper features new headlamps with smooth glass, set high on the front end and with chrome-finished surrounds. The headlamps are available with LED daytime running lights, further asserting the vehicle’s personality and improving visibility for enhanced safety.
The rear is protected by an oversized bumper, set low for easier loading and unloading. The new rear lights are placed high up on the body in a vertical formation, combining contemporary styling and efficiency in terms of protection and visibility.
The interior styling of the new CITROËN Jumper is harmonious and uncluttered, the focus being on functionality, well-being and ease.
The steering wheel has been redesigned with more modern, straighter lines, consistent with the vehicle’s robustness and easy handling.
Underlining the modern appearance of the cabin, the dashboard features a new technical interface with a new range of radios.
And to further underscore the style and quality of the cabin, the new CITROËN Jumper is available with new seat upholstery in black fabric with a blend of red and grey dots.
Comprehensive range of body styles
The new CITROËN Jumper is available in a broad range of body styles with four lengths (L1, L2, L3, L4), three wheelbases (3.00 m, 3.45 m and 4.04 m) and three heights (H1, H2, H3). A total of eight body styles are on offer, from 8m3 to 17 m3.
The upgraded model is also available in a number of versions to meet the demands of a wide array ofprofessional fields. The new range includes:
– panel and window vans,
– 7-seater deep cabins (produced with Durisotti),
– single-cab (3-seater) and double-cab flatbeds (7-seater),
– PTAC 335 and PTAC 435 Heavy 5 dumper models (produced with Gruau),
– version prepped for coachbuilder conversions, including bare chassis, double cabs and chassis cabs. For passenger transport, the new CITROËN Jumper is available in a 5- to 9-seater combi version.
Architecture and ergonomics for easier loading
The new CITROËN Jumper’s standard-setting architecture provides generous load volume for a compact exterior and top-notch ergonomics with:
– best-in-class load width between wheel arches at 1.42 m,
– useful load width of 1.87 m,
– useful load length rivalling that of the best vans at 4.07 m,
– useful volume of 8 to 17 m3.
The new CITROËN Jumper also makes daily work easier with its impressive accessibility:
– sliding side doors measuring up to 1.25 m wide,
– rear doors measuring up to 2.03 m high – the best figure in the category,
– rear doors opening up to 96°, increased to 180° with a foldaway door strap and to a full 270° as an option,
– load sill height from 49.3 cm to 60.2 cm,
– pneumatic rear suspension for a 7-cm variation in ground clearance while maintaining a constant vehicle attitude regardless of the load.

Distinct living space
Particularly close attention was paid to the interior of the new CITROËN Jumper, giving it more of a passenger-car feel while focusing on practicality and user-friendliness for professionals in their day-to-day work
– making it a sort of “office on wheels”.
The new CITROËN Jumper cabin was designed to maximise the comfort of each occupant and make their everyday lives easier.
The driver station is a living space unto itself and extremely intuitive in use. The high-set dashboard provides top-notch driveability and practicality. Each control and indicator falls naturally to hand or is easily visible, including the inclining and extendable writing tablet, ensuring that drivers always have instant access to the documents important to their work, and the gear lever, ideally located in terms of ergonomics and the management of cabin space.
Available with up to ten storage compartments, the new CITROËN Jumper targets customers looking for efficiency and optimised organisation. The numerous compartments are ingeniously positioned around the cabin, including several cubbies, a key-locking glove box big enough for a laptop, compartments on the central console (cooled, open or closing, depending on the option), and two storage spaces under the seats.
The new CITROËN Jumper also features a huge overhead storage rack above the sun visors with a useful volume of 22 litres and invisible from the exterior.
The new CITROËN Jumper is standard fit with a 12V socket in the centre of the dashboard, perfectly placed for hooking up telephones and laptops.
The seats offer top-level comfort and support, optimising working conditions. They are also fit with removable and height-adjustable headrests, inclining seatbacks, an armrest, and fore-and-aft and lumbar adjustment.
The driver’s seat can be fitted with variable damping control, adjustable in line with the driver’s weight, from 40 kg to 130 kg.

Increasingly connected
The new CITROËN Jumper is standard fit with the Connecting Box, comprising a USB socket and a Bluetooth hands-free kit. The system is available with audio-streaming technology so that drivers and passengers can listen to the music stored on their handsets without having to plug them in to the audio system, playing their favourite songs with no fuss.
In a first in the segment, the new CITROËN Jumper features a 5-inch touchscreen that can be equipped with the new navigation and reversing camera functions and used to control all the media functions (radio, telephone, onboard computer). Useful technology takes on real meaning in everyday use, with voice reading of text messages for greater safety and comfort.

The new CITROËN Jumper has been fit with several pieces of equipment previously unavailable in the category. As a true working partner, the new vehicle provides maximum safety in all circumstances through the following technologies:
– Intelligent Traction Control, a system that improves traction on low-grip surfaces such as snow, ice and mud. The function detects low-grip conditions that can hinder the start-up and movement of the vehicle. In these conditions, the Intelligent Traction Control system overrides the anti-slip regulation function by transferring the driving force to the wheel with the best grip on the road surface to optimise traction and maintain the course of the vehicle. The function is activated via a button on the dashboard. It deactivates automatically at a speed of over 30 km/h (the indicator light remaining on) and reactivates automatically
when the vehicle descends under the 30 km/h mark. To override the function when driving, the driver simply pushes on the button.
– Hill Descent Control, an integral part of the Intelligent Traction Control system. This function makes going down inclines easier, especially on mud-covered or gravel tracks. It reduces the risk of the vehicle slipping or getting bogged down when accessing building sites. The driver maintains full control of the vehicle with complete peace of mind. The system activates via a dash-mounted button on inclines of at least 8%, helping to maintain a constant speed under 30 km/h and deactivating when the driver accelerates to over 30 km/h. To override the function, the driver simply pushes on the button.
– a programmable speed limiter/cruise control system, optional or standard, that maintains (with no input from the accelerator pedal) or limits vehicle speed in line with the programmed speed, regardless of incline. Drivers can change vehicle speed by pressing on the accelerator and/or using the left-hand-side control under the steering wheel.
– Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), standard-fit on 4.0-tonne vans, optional on other versions. This system is linked to the road continuously via a camera located above the interior rearview mirror. If the driver inadvertently crosses a continuous or broken lane marking without using the indicator, a warning light activates on the dashboard accompanied by a sound alert.
– Tyre pressure monitoring function, a “direct” system in which each wheel is fitted with a pressure sensor. In the event of a puncture or drop in pressure, the system informs the driver of the wheel in question.
– park assist with a reversing camera. Available with an optional overlay function, this system activates automatically when drivers shift into reverse gear. A reversing camera fit in the third stop lamp sends the filmed image to the 5-inch touchscreen. The overlay function makes parking easier and more precise by displaying different coloured lines depending on the distance separating the rear bumper from obstacles.
– a camera-equipped theft prevention system, automatically displaying the rear of the vehicle on the touchscreen when the rear doors are opened.

Top-level quality for reliability and durability The new CITROËN Jumper boasts the top-level quality professionals expect, having been test driven over a distance of more than four million kilometres by specialised engineers.
The new model was put through specific tests including:
– 30,000 km on poorly-surfaced roads, empty and fully loaded, to test the body structure, comfort and durability,
– 1,000 fording operations in 10 cm of water, to verify sealing, along with tests carried out in several centimetres of water in a tunnel projecting saltwater to validate corrosion resistance,
– over 500 test cycles on low-grip tracks, to verify roadholding,
– 500,000 door-closing tests, representing the most intensive use over a 10-year period.
For even greater reliability and robustness, several aspects of the new CITROËN Jumper have been upgraded, including:
– a new shock-absorber mount design,
– a new dashboard cowl for increased water tightness,
– reinforced hinges, doors and body structure,
– redesigned injection system on the HDi 110, 130 and 150 engines,
– improved brake performance, durability and noise.

Controlled running costs
Mindful of the budgets of professionals, the new CITROËN Jumper consumes up to 15% less fuel than the previous model, depending on the version. For example, the L3H2 van with an HDi 130 engine and 6- speed automatic gearbox consumes 7.4 l/100 km for the new model over a combined cycle compared.

CO2 emissions have also been reduced.
Depending on the version, the e-HDi 130 and e-HDi 150 engines fitted with Stop&Start technology reduce fuel consumption by 0.5 l/100 over an urban cycle and cut CO2 emissions by 5 to 6 grams compared with non-Stop&Start versions.
These efficient engines generate savings not just on fuel consumption but on maintenance costs, too. The new CITROËN Jumper has one of the best servicing intervals in the category, at up to 48,000 km or two years. The new CITROËN Jumper ranks among the best in class in terms of total cost of ownership.
The new CITROËN Jumper is available with six robust and efficient diesel engines:
– the HDi 110 (81 kW – 110 bhp DIN – 250 Nm at 1,750 rpm) combining low fuel consumption
and comfort in use. This engine, mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox, is particularly well-adapted to urban use.
– the HDi 130 (96 kW – 130 bhp DIN – 320 Nm at 1,800 rpm) for an excellent compromise
between performance and fuel consumption in mixed open-road/city use. It is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox. This engine is also available in an e-HDi 130 version with Stop&Start technology, for low fuel consumption (6.6 l/100 km) and CO2 emissions (175 g/km).
– the HDi 150 (110 kW – 150 bhp DIN – 350 Nm at 1,750 rpm) with an emphasis on power,
torque and acceleration. It is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox and available in an e-HDi 150 version with Stop&Start technology.
– the HDi 180 (130 kW – 177 bhp DIN – 400 Nm at 1,400 rpm) ideal for high-volume versions
and loads requiring an extra dose of power. This engine is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox.
Each of the engines available on the new CITROËN Jumper was designed to hold up robustly to the toughest use, regardless of road and load conditions.

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